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The artist Klaus L. Meyer, born and brought up in Cologne, has lived in Pulheim-Sinnersdorf for many years, only a stone’s throw away from the City of Cologne where, during the formative years of his life, his school and university education took place. In his typical manner, he begins his creative activities in the beginning of the nineteen-seventies. Under neglecting his painting he starts with experimental photographic techniques, when the predominant theme of his later years, the interaction of chaos and order in nature and environment, starts to find its expression. At the beginning of the nineteen-eighties, he turns back to painting. Since that time, many oil paintings of his artistic work have come into existence.

Since the beginning of the nineteen-nineties, he has been persevering in the exploration of his theme – the interaction of chaos and order – first by depicting extracts from natural motifs, but then moving towards more and more abstract interpretations.

Since 2005, a new creative phase in the artist’s work has started – creating explosive, blistering oil-abstractions and colour eruptions, in which the sensitively observing eye finds dynamic, highly organised patterns and complex forms, in which the eternal cosmic forces find their expression.

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